How soon would users receive Quotation Replies?
As soon as Vendors reply to the user’s Quotation Request, YeoIndia would forward the Quotation Replies to the user immediately. But, YeoIndia wouldn’t be able to specify the timeframe as to when the Vendors would reply to the user’s Quotation Request. To speed up the process, YeoIndia intimates every Vendor through Email about the user’s Quotation Request.
What are the terms and conditions for using Procurement Service?
How is Procurement Service useful?
Procurement Service eases buying process and also saves time; as Buyers could send a simple Quotation Request and YeoIndia would fetch Quotations, from most Vendors in town. With a wider choice of Vendors, using this Service could reduce purchasing costs. As YeoIndia provides all these consolidated Quotations in one page, containing Vendors details, pricing, product or service description and reviews, this self explained format simplifies Vendor selection.
Whom do Buyers contact to discuss the categories?
Buyers could contact any of our Associates from Contact Center – Ph: +91 89774 48416
Can Companies use the same Email for both Procurement Service and Vendor Service?
Can any individual use Procurement Service for their personal requirement?
Whilst Procurement Service is a B2B Service, if the Company permits, any individual could use Procurement Service.
How can Buyers contact a Vendor?
Buyers could use any of the contact details provided in the Quotation Replies page.
How can Buyers send a Quotation Request?
Buyers need to fill the Quotation Request form by selecting their product or service requirement, brief their requirement in the description field, attach any relevant files and click on Send Quotation Request.
How would Buyers be informed about the Quotation Replies?
Buyers will be informed about the Quotation Replies through Email.
How can Clients deregister Procurement Services?
Clients can directly contact YeoIndia for service termination.

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